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Who is Matthew Squillace?

Matthew is an entrepreneur, branding expert, and a social media marketer based in the Metropolitan area. He is the co-founder of Social Cadre, which drove over $30m in sales in under 2 years selling products direct to consumers, utilizing influencer and social media marketing.


Forbes Agency Council Member

Matthew Squillace was selected as a member of Forbes Agency Council, an invite only organization for senior level executives.


This magical ‘anti-gravity’ phone case will make taking full-body selfies so much easier

Hold up. This changes everything. Say goodbye the days of sore arms and accidentally whacking people in the head with your selfie stick. The day of the Goat Case is here.

‘Some powerful boobies!’: Coco Austin flaunts her 40DD chest in pink bra that magically gives her amazing cleavage without ANY straps

Coco Austin has been modeling Perfect Sculpt bras on her social media pages for months. The gravity-defying lingerie appears to be a bit of a magic trick as it has no straps, neither on the shoulders

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